The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
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  • From the Field The conservation team, Nicol Anastassatou, Charis Delis and Spyros Armenis, continues their work on the Agonotheteion mosaic with enthusiasm made possible by a generous grant from the Stockman Family Foundation. They are now in the process of removing the mortar substratum, into which the tesserae were set initially, from each of the pieces of the mosaic.
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(Digital holdings arranged by type)

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Online Data: Archaeological Records, Artifacts and Antiquities, Publication/Bibliography/Catalog, and School and Gennadius Archives Interdepartmental Database of the American School
Searches can be made across these collections or they can be queried separately. Publications, excavation reports, excavation notebooks, contexts, objects, plans and drawings, and photos (including images of the Alison Frantz archive pertaining to the Agora) can be searched. Ambrosia records are now included as are material from the School and Gennadius archives.

Catalogues: Book and Journal

AMBROSIA: The Union Catalogue of the Libraries
The AMerican BRitish Online Search in Athens (AMBROSIA) database is an on-line union catalogue representing the holdings of the adjacent libraries of the British School at Athens and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, which includes the Blegen and Gennadius libraries. Based on Ex Libris’s ALEPH software platform, used by libraries around the world, AMBROSIA not only provides access to the records of printed materials, but also gives authenticated users full-text online access to journals, databases, and e-books.

Books Catalogue of the ASCSA
School monographs detailing final reports of archaeological fieldwork conducted under School auspices, supplements to Hesperia, Gennadeion monographs, and miscellaneous volumes relating to the work of the School. Works can be searched by Title, Author, ISBN, or Keyword.

Journal of the ASCSA
The School’s quarterly journal, Hesperia,  publishes the work of the School, as well as submissions from scholars working in the fields of Greek archaeology, art, epigraphy, history, materials science, ethnography, and literature, from earliest prehistoric times onward. Past issues can be searched by Title, Author, Site, Period, or Keyword.

Maps and Spatial Data

Athenian Agora Plans and Drawings

Corinth Plans and Drawings

Maps and GIS data for Corinth and Greece
A collection of modern and historical maps, GIS data, and resource links for archaeologists, novice cartographers, and experienced GIS users. Original material, redistributed copies, and modified versions are offered under Creative Commons licensing.

Mapping Mediterranean Lands
Part of the Digital Library for International Research, this fully searchable web-based catalog contains significant early and unique maps of the Mediterranean region from the Gennadius Library.

Modern Greece Historical Documents

Historical Archives of the Gennadius Library
Images documenting public and private moments of Greek history, from the late 19th to the early decades of the 20th century. The photos originated from the rich archive of the Dragoumis family, the papers of Athanasios Souliotis, Nikolaos Mavris and others, as well as from the papers of author Stratis Myrivilis who fought in the Balkan Wars and the Greek-Turkish War (1919–1922).

Correspondence of Ion Dragoumis
Database of Ion Dragoumis’ correspondence, which includes 11,409 digital images of letters covering the period 1895–1920. The Macedonian struggle, the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire, the Greek language and the use of the Demotic, are some of the issues that appear in Dragoumis’ correspondence.

Scrapbooks of John (Joannes) Gennadius
The scrapbooks of Joannes Gennadius are one of the most important collections of the Gennadius library, containing invaluable information for the history of modern Greece. In his scrapbooks, Gennadius collected photos and other ephemera. The 116 volumes of the scrapbooks focus on diverse topics: historical, topographical, archaeological, ethnological (costumes), architectural, art historical, history of the book, journalistic as well as history of the Gennadius family. For an introduction to the collection, click here.

Heinrich Schliemann Papers
With generous funding from the Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP) the digitization of a considerable part of Heinrich Schliemann Papers has been completed with the creation of 13,000 images. The project included the digitization of Schliemann’s eighteen travel and excavation diaries, fourteen boxes of incoming correspondence (boxes 69-82), and seventeen copybooks of outgoing correspondence (copybooks 28-43). In addition, two online databases have been created to assist the researchers in their navigation through the digitized material. The digitization of the Schliemann Papers will continue on an annual basis but with a smaller output of digital images.   For access to the Schliemann Papers, click here.

Multimedia Presentations

ASCSA Multimedia Presentations
Streaming multimedia presentations are online for the Excavations at Ancient Corinth, the Excavations of the Athenian Agora, the Gennadius Library, and the Dorothy Burr Thompson Archive of photos from the 1920’s and 30’s. These graphics-rich modules are well suited for teaching purposes and serve as a wonderful introduction to the School.

Photographic Collections

Alison Frantz Photographic Collection
The complete Frantz collection (not just the Agora subset as listed in above) contains images by the photographer and archaeologist Alison Frantz [1903–1995]. The photographs mainly depict Archaic and Classical sculpture, Greek archaeological sites and various finds throughout mainland Greece and the Greek islands plus Albania, Turkey, and Italy. The collection was created between the late 1940s and the early 1970s.

Archaeological Photographic Collection
This important photographic collection documents the field activities of the American School from its establishment in 1881 until WW II, with valuable and rare images recording the restoration work of architect Nikolaos Balanos at the Erechtheum on the Acropolis in the early 20th century, the identification of the Choregic Monument of Nikias on the South Slope of the Acropolis, the discovery of the Sanctuary of Eros and Aphrodite on the North Slope of the Acropolis in the 1930’s, the excavations at the site of Dionysus in northern Attica, the restoration of the Lion of Amphipolis, as well as general views of Athens.

Dorothy Burr Thompson Collection
The collection of Dorothy Burr Thompson [1900–2001], who is known to the world of Greek archaeology as an excavator and leading expert in ancient terracottas. The photos, which cover the period 1923–1955, includes images from Thompson’s travels in Greece, Turkey and Italy. In addition to the archaeological information, some of which has been lost or forgotten, the collection is a mosaic of information about architecture, landscapes and customs that no longer exist.