The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Aiolou Street, near the Roman Agora, offers a perfect venue for coffee-drinking and people-watching, today as in antiquity.

Living in Greece: Essential Information for Members

This section is designed to help you prepare for living in Greece, whether you are making a short trip to use the libraries or preparing for the year-long academic program. While much of the information is designed for students, even experienced visitors will find useful information here.

All Members of the School (students and senior scholars alike) who plan to be in Greece for their research should familiarize themselves with the current residence policies.

Any non-European Union citizen coming to Greece for more than 90 days (including stays in other European countries) will need to apply for a residence permit. This is a three-step process which begins with making application for a visa from the Greek authorities in your home country, ensuring that your passport receives a stamp from the frontier police at your first point of entry into the Schengen zone, and finally applying for the residence permit itself once you arrive in Greece.  For detailed information click here.

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Essential Information After You Arrive in Greece
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